Mulitex group is one of Hong Kong's leading business groups present in manufacturing, sourcing, trading, property and logistics. The Mulitex Group of companies includes Mulitex Limited, Star Glory Limited and Soham Limited.
The group vision is to diversify our product lines, services as well as client base so as to make the group known locally and globally for its quality and commitment.

The Mulitex group of companies
  • Mulitex Limited
  • Established in 1969 and with more than three decades of business in Garments, Electrical goods, Audio & Video Systems, Home appliances, Sundries, Footwear, Toys and Bicycles
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  • Star Glory Limited
  • Star Glory specializes in the trading of Electronic Goods and Sundries and is a well known name in the Hong Kong trading circle.
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  • Soham Limited
  • Soham, our relatively new subsidiary specializes in the trading of Goods and Sundries such as stationary and chemicals in the East and West Africa market.
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